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Socio-Economic Factors Determining Adoption of Hybrid Sorghum in Sekhukhune District  Dissertation

Community Group Environment for People Participation and Empowerment   Thesis

Socio-Economic Indicators Influencing the Adoption of Hybrid Sorghum: The Sekhukhune District Perspective  Journal Article

Community Group Environment for People Participation and Empowerment: The Socio-Cultural Perspective  Journal Article

 Participation in Limpopo Farmer Mechanisation Support Program: Lesson Learned from Schoonoord and Moripane Cases   Journal Article 

 Climate Change: Adaptation to Environmental and Socio-Economic Challenges  Conference Paper

Linking Agricultural Extension with Rural Development: The Project Management Approach  Conference Paper

People Participation in Limpopo Farmer Mechanisation Support Program in Sekhukhune District: A Comparative Analysis of Schoonoord and Moripane Cases  Conference Paper 

 The Relevance of the Nine Spokes of the Wheel as an Extension Tool in the Twenty First Century Extension Services  Conference Paper 

Nine Spokes of the Wheel  Charts:






Climate Change on Agricultural Production Systems: Challenges, Adaptation and Socio-Economic Implications  Conference Paper

Climate Change: Deforestation and Reforestation for Carbon Emission and Sequestration    Conference Poster

Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services: People-centred Development Point of View   Newsletter article

 Personal Change for Effective Community Development   Newsletter article

Lioness, the Hunter: Our Nature-given Inspiration  Newsletter article

Extension Service in Line with Professionalism and Current Policy: Impact and Responsibility on Extension Workers  Presentation

Gardenizly: Water Efficient Household Vegetable Gardening Technology  Conference Poster   Presented to the 50th Annual Conference of the South African Society for Agricultural Extension on 8th June 2016, at Saint George's Hotel and Conference Centre, in Pretoria. (Published  as "Vegetable Growing Tank" by Patent Journal 3(48) (ii) as a patented Intellectual Property)      

Sustainability of Sweet Orange Production in Fetakgomo Municipality: Case Study of Ga-Nkwana and Mohlaletsi Community Projects   Dissertation     by Sefoka B. T.

The Effectiveness of Government Support on the Performance of Cooperatives in Comprehensive Rural Development Programme Municipalities   Dissertation     by Mphephu H. B.

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