Water Efficient Gardening Technology


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Production, Research & Development:      87 Marishane Gardens/PO Box 22, MARISHANE, 1064




  • Water efficient household vegetable gardening technology,  researched and developed in a water scarce rural household backyard by an agricultural advisor, extensively experienced in agricultural extension and advisory services, in partnership with a duly qualified agricultural scientist specialised in soil sciences.
  • With its internal precision mechanism and water retention system, Gardenizly places water directly onto the root systems of the plants and retains water for capillary moisture efficiency. The mechanism enhances retention of sufficient moisture around the plant root systems for 3 to 5 days period.
  • Ideal for leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, shallot, morogo, etc), fruity vegetables (tomato, marrow, pepper, strawbery, okra, etc) and herbs (mint, celery, etc). 
  • Can also be used for ornamental flower gardening.
  • Produced by NKGODIDIALE Inc. as a patented Intellectual Property, and distributed by BRUCOL Global Development (Pty) Ltd.
  • Grows vegetables:
        • Easily.
        • In any space around the house.
        • With no labour nor mess.
        • With no garden tools but table spoon.
        • Up to 56 upright ventilated plant population.
        • With no threads from rodents like moles and rats.
  • Sized: 76.6 cm square, 90 cm Height, 12 kg Weight.    

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